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About Prophetess Sherita Furlow

Sherita Furlow is a End Time Apostolic Prophetic  voice called to her family,  local community and  nations.  Her main mission is to evangelize to the world by preaching, teaching, and  mentoring  lost sinners to help bring them into the Kingdom of God.  Her Apostolic mandate includes equipping,  correcting, rebuking and encouraging the 5 fold by the leading of the Holy Spirit in order to bring Apostolic direction and order to the Body of Christ. 


Apostolic Prophetess ,Sherita Furlow  is a powerful and anointed voice of thunder that flows with the power of God  while releasing an apostolic fire for those who are hungry and thirsty after righteousness.  She is very stern and bold in her delivery of the word of God with an uncompromising view point of the scriptures. She is also full of spiritual insight, Godly wisdom and a spiritual midwife  to those who are called to serve under her ministry,  She has been ordained and anointed  by God to operate and flow in miracles, signs and deliverance. Her perseverance and willingness to overcome the devices of satan formed against her ministry over and over again by charismatic witches and warlocks has earned her the rank to flow in the supernatural while being protected by heavenly angels. She has been found worthy of her calling and has been found faithful to God despite the odds. God often uses her to give prophetic warning by prophetic dreams such as end time world events as stated in the book of revelation.


Prophetess Sherita Furlow was ordained under the Assemblies of Christ, inc Churches under the Apostolic  covering of Bishop, Apostle Aaron Furlow Sr. since 2010. She also works side by side with her husband in ministry (Aaron Furlow Sr.) and they are both a force to be reckon with, tearing down the devils kingdom

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 No devil in Hell can stop the move of God!

Blessed are the pure

in heart for they shall see God

5 Weeks With

The 5 Fold 

Dont be moved by Mans demonic opinions of you

Don't be discouraged but continue in what God called you to do

Satan can't kill what God has Anointed to carry his Glory 

Video Title: God is raising up people to have

spiritual back bone against sin and foolishness!

You are A Holy God - Sherita Furlow
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Church Location:

Coming Soon located in Altamonte Springs Fl.


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Currently available for speaking engagements such as women's conferences, revivals and youth conferences, etc.

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